Wild Worlds Slot Review

Wild Worlds (NetEnt): Review

Swedish game provider released a new 5×5 cluster slot called ‘Wild Worlds’ which can be played from 0.2 to 400 EUR bet per spins. This slot is all about superhero birds which fight with different beasts. Let’s call them “Birdheroes”.

This slot looks like a modern cartoon with absolutely stylish Birdheroes. From the very beginning, you can find birdheroes sitting in their command center. When you start playing the birdheroes stands from the left side and over there you can see the enemy which should be defeated. And on the right side, you will find symbols on the reels with different values. There are pink green and blue symbols plus symbols with a hero face in a golden frame. Each birdhero has its own symbols and element. Bluebird symbolizes water, pink – thunder, and green – nature.

Wild Worlds (NetEnt): Features

Now we will describe to you all the features.

  1. Destroy Feature – this feature can trigger a dead spin – randomly only one color spins stay on the reel and other just removed, the only exception is scattering symbols. New symbols fill in the field and the winning combination chance grows.
  2. Hero Wilds Feature – this feature activates when you land 3 scatter symbols and you receive 8 free spins. This feature consists of 3 levels, each level is unique. You have progressed when you are defeating monsters with the “Hero Attacks” or “Hero Super Attacks”. You will randomly join one of the worlds:
  • Dark Forest – drops wilds on the reels when one of the weak spots of the monster destroyed.
  • Ice World – drops 2 Heavy Wild stacks on the reels when one of the weak spots of the monster destroyed.
  • Firelands – drops 2-4 random wild symbols on the reels when one of the weak spots of the monster destroyed.


There are 2 types of monsters

  • Captains which have 15 hp and after death activates the feature of the world.
  • The Boss has 105 hp. He cannot be damaged until the captains are alive.

When the boss is defeated, the feature is retriggered and the player transfers to the next worlds in order to defeat with new beasts and has 8 free spins again. In order to defeat the monsters, the birdheroes should use their power attacks which can be made after winning combination that fill in the strike meter and the damage depends on the monster and attacking bird hero.

Overall it is an entertaining game and the players will be interested to try it. Not sure about playing this game every day but in the very beginning this game will be super popular because of its mechanics and design with heroes and enemies, worlds and superpowers.
If you want to relax and have some adventure experience you should probably try this new online slot.